Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Enzo and us not sleeping!

Lately I am having problems to post. This situation doesn't make me happy but being a mom is proving to be a really tired job. Besides a couple of weeks I finished my maternity leave and I had to return to work so I'm still in the process of adaptation to the new situation. I will not lie, it isn't easy, let alone when you have a baby who sleeps really bad. But that's life, motherhood ... nobody said it was easy, no one lied.

But despite all the difficults there can't be nothing in life so rewarding. Every touch, every smile of my baby gives me the energy I need to overcome a stressful day ...

I 'll try to adapt as soon as possible to the new situation and find the time to stop by here, it' s a promise I make to myself!

Happy week!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun-time before bath

Just a short stop to show some pictures of fun with daddy before bath-time. Enzo loves flying like Superman. Did you see his face? This smile has stolen my heart!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We move forward...

Almost since Enzo was born he has had a important problem of regurgitation. He vomits constantly, throughout the day. This can be very frustrating. Postbath-barfing and drool while getting him dressed can be very frustrating... all day, every day ... during these four months. It's nothing serious, but I'm beginning to get tired of seeing my poor baby always with his bib. Our pediatrician says that will heal over time. But this sounds so far away...

It may help that he starts to eat pap because being thicker than milk is harder to vomit ... so there we are: trying to get our four month old learn to eat with a spoon.

I can not say it's the easiest thing in the world but somehow is turning out better than I expected. Gradually he's understanding that when mom puts the spoon in his mouth and swallowing food is a whole new experience ...  and if he ever gets lost I always can can use his pacifier ... so our dinners are being a combination of something like spoon - pacifier - spoon - pacifier ... a success!

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