Thursday, September 26, 2013

Road trip to Asturias - Part II

Second stop: Fishing village of Llanes and Torimbia's beach. Ridiculously beautiful places! Blue sky, fresh air and my two loves. The best combination for a great day touring on the Asturian coast. The pictures speak for themselves: amazing!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Road trip to Asturias - Part I

Hello friends! Here are a few pictures of our family road trip to Asturias, a couple of weeks ago. We did some hiking at the lakes of Covadonga - Picos de Europa. Just take a look to realize the immense beauty of this landscape. We returned absolutely amazed. It was a short break but very special for us because it was our first holiday as a family of 3. Enzo's first trip with mom and dad, his first night outdoors being on a trip... and a whole series of important precious moments for us parents ...We enjoyed it ... It were unforgettable days.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Road trip to Lugo

We're back friends! After a couple of months of no blogging I finally let myself fall back to the blogosphere. I have renewed energy and refreshed enough to say that I am eager to get on with this little portion of our lives.

And without more to say about it, here are a few pictures of our road trip to Lugo last Saturday.

I had a cold so we could not go to the beach so, spontaneously we thought, where we can go for the day? and so we appeared in Lugo. (I have to admit that I consulted the wheather forecast and the mild temperatures helped me make the decision)

We had a great day.

PS: In case anyone doesn't know it Lugo has a Original Ancient Roman City Wall, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Just to see this is worth the trip!

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