Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Everyday life

 I really love cherries!
 My sweet cousin, Mary.
 Since I'm pregnant always 0,0.
 Dinner for two.
 San Juan`s bouquet.
 Morning light in our livingroom.
First dinner of the summer at the terrace.

Monday, June 25, 2012

San Juan`s night

Last Saturday we celebrated the magic night of San Juan. This is the night of the summer-solstice, celebrated in Galicia since centuries and it's linked to fertility rituals and purification. Galicia is burning that night from north to south and from east to west. There are bonfires in every home, every neighborhood and especially on every beach. Said to be a magical night: the time to scare off evil spirits. The bonfires are lit after midnight and good luck is attributed to jumping over it nine times.

This year Vic and I celebrated it with some friends on the beach of Cabanas, near Pontedeume. And this year the spanish football team played a match that same night before having barbecue spare-ribs and (most important according to the tradition) grilled sardines!  The atmosphere was incredible. And Spain won the match so double celebration.

The typical food of the night of San Juan are the grilled sardines. Of course we ate sardines (which were really good) and barbecue. Wine, beer (all alcohol-free for me) and shots of good-old (and very popular) galician "coffee liquor".

Around midnight all the bonfires on the beach are lit and the atmosphere became magical. We were laughing, dancing, enjoying the night in company of our friends. It was a great night that we will always remember like our last San Juan just the two of us... we'll be year!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pensao A Favorita - Porto

Today I want to dedicate a post to the lovely hotel where we stayed last weekend. This is the Pensao A Favorita, in Porto. A vintage gem in the city center, located in a street full of interesting art galleries. A very minimalistic, arty yet vintage interiorism transports you to past times and is extremely relaxing and peacefull. The staff is very easy-going and  makes you feel home, from the start.

Our room was very spacious, bright and full of unique details that turned it into a cozy and one-of-kind stay. We felt so comfortable. We had part of a reading corner and a desk in the bedroom, a small room in a gallery overlooking the garden. Those high ceilings and vintage-50s-furniture really rocked! 

In our case we did not have much time to enjoy the garden and the terrace but as seen in the photos is a very nice and when the weather is good you can have breakfast or dinner in it.

I can only recommend this small boutique hotel/hostel that has just 7 rooms, to anyone who is planning to spend some days in a city so charming and culturally awake as Porto. Now you can´t miss it, it's so worth it!
Pensao A Favorita

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