Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday lunch with friends

After such a long winter finally it seems that we're seeing some sunshine. And I don't want you think I'm a person who's exaggerating, I'm simply a new mother with sometimes has a crybaby who has had to spend almost his first six months locked in an apartment...but winter has passed and spring seemed to have knock at our doors, so now it's time to enjoy are walks at the park etc...

And what better idea to enjoy a Sunday -lunch with friends at one of our favorite -yet most humble and cosy- places, Chiringuito Los Pinares. I really wanted that Enzo could join us. We had a great time here during my pregnancy and I know when he will be a little older this place will be one of his favorites too. I can't wait to see him runnig on the sand of the beach and playing football with his daddy...

It was a wonderful day. Sun, delicious food, good company ... I'll always remember, life is beautiful.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


If last month I thought that this had been our best month until now, this month has been even better. Every day at your side is better than the last. You teach me so many things ... the most important of all, the endless ability to love every part of you. You're half a year old. I still can't believe it. As time has gone by so fast? It seemed like a few days ago, you're sleeping sweetly on my lap and now you just want to stand and jump and laugh every minute, every day. My baby, I love you so much. I can´t stop looking at you. You've grown so much ...

This month:

- Enzo's interest natural fruit is pretty limited. Instead he's a real lover of pharmacy's fruit porridge.
- He has started eating bread. (that great discovery)
- The problem of regurgitation continues to improve. It's almost is solved.
- We continue with our milk-bottle at midnight.
- On the night-sleeping subject... we have improved, regressed, improved back and  regressed again so I'm not sure what I ´m supposed or can say about this ... only that the first uninterrupted night's sleep is yet to come.
- In addition we have improved a lot on the subject of naps: increasingly regularly and long naps. That's my boy!
- Enzo is pure joy. His day consists of laughter, laughter and more laughter. He´s a sweetheart. His character has improved a lot.
- Now it´s possible to spend almost a whole day without hear him mourn. This really has been a big change. Suddenly he ceased to mourn. And our life has changed dramatically since then.
- He has gone from "hating" your stroller to like it and enjoying the rides within. I think the key has been an increasingly more vertical position.
- He pays attention to all things and all people. He spends all day pointing and saying "oooooh" with his toothless little mouth.
- Enzo has discovered that he loves to sing. (he´s so funny)
- Unfortunately the teething continues giving us problems. He suffers a lot of pain.
As I said last month, he´s for us the most perfect little creature in the universe.

Friday, April 19, 2013

First contact with art

When you have a child it´s inevitable to imagine his future life and how you would like it to be for him.
I often imagine their profession, his way of life, his dreams, his motivation ... I just want him to be happy. That he finds a way to enjoy everything he does. But if I could choose something of his future life I would love him to be a person interested in art, music ... culture in all its expressions. A person with their feet on the ground, with interest in what happens in the world but that also a person that never stops dreaming ...
I believe that, although in the future only he, will decide how to live his life, I certainly hope that our education will provide him of eagerness, and always a positive attitude towards life. I hope that we will be a good guidance.
So my purpose is to try to convey my little boy, part of what I love in the world. Give him the opportunity to learn, discover, enjoy ... and finally he will decide.

These photos are from a couple weeks ago during a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in A Coruña. Enzo saw his first Picasso. It was a special moment. When he grows older he´d sure like to see these images. We had lots of fun! And we even had a chance to do a diaper change surrounded by brushes. I'm very proud of my little artist ... di you see how he liked to grab that brush?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring is finally here

Finally spring has come to the city and believe me that everything looks much more beautiful with good sunshine!
These pictures are from last Saturday when we enjoyed good weather to stroll by the sea ... that pleasant feeling the salty sea breeze in your face ... I've never been so eager for this summer. We also had time for a coffee with some special friends and her precious baby.

Relaxed time. 

Enjoying life.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I think it's typical of motherhood, at least at first, the fact you want to immortalize with pictures each new experience of your baby. It´s exciting to discover the world through their little eyes and to be able to look back to see all the things with a “first-time-innocence”.

Sometimes when I think about this I feel that it's a huge responsibility that his first experiences of my baby in the world will be through what I would be able to show him... to convey him ...

Well, while it may seem silly I'm excited to see these pictures of the first time of my little boy at the playground. His first time on a swing. It's a very tender picture for me.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dinner at Coruña Kyoto

Since Enzo was born, five months ago, we've only gone out to dinner twice. Life changes radically when you have a baby and a simply thing like get out of the house for dinner has become into an event that you need to plan ahead. Luckily for us, my mother is the most charming grandmother in the world and she has offered for our little baby to  sleep at her home one night from time to time. This is a breath of fresh air for us so that we can enjoy dinner with friends and a drink and perhaps, the best, a night of uninterrupted sleep late into the morning ...
We really wanted to try the new sushi place in A Coruña. It's called Coruña Kyoto, and this is their website if you want to take a look. We are big fans of Japanese food. But let me tell you that in my humble opinion this is the best sushi in town and I think the best I have ever tasted.
The place is nice in terms of decor, lots of wood, very cozy. Similar to Soho´s sushi joints in NYC. The staff was great, very friendly and the best was the food. Very good wine list. So totally recommended. Of course we will repeat as soon as we can.
It was a great night with our friends Vero & Suso. We always enjoyed their company a lot. They are a great couple, so in love ... we greatly appreciate them.
At no point in the night my baby out of my mind but I thoroughly enjoyed and I loaded of energy and good vibes. Life is beautiful, let's live it!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013



This has been a very good month, maybe the best since I became a mom. I don't know what's exactly the cause but everything is better since a few weeks.The love we feel for our baby is infinite and now I feel that I would be able to do anything for the happiness of my baby. There are many sacrifices that we make for him every day but the reward is so great ... hard to put into words ...

This Month:

- He eats breakfast and dinner porridge with spoon.
- He has started eating fruit.
- Practically no longer regurgitate, which is a blessing.
- We left the night feedings but have returned to it because Enzo sleeps better with a bottle of milk at midnight.
- We have improved on the night sleeping, well ... now he only wakes up two times during the night. You could say that is an improvement?
- Enzo spends all the day laughing. He has the most beautiful smile ever.
- When he isn't laughing, most probably is that he's crying.
- Every day he's more entertaining with their toys. (Approximately 10 minutes)
- He's able to sit alone.
- He wants to touch and grab everything with his hands. And it all ends up in his mouth.
- He has been suffering pain from the teething but so far none has come.
- He lives completely in love with his dad, always with his little eyes looking at him.

He is for us the most perfect creature of the universe.

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