Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fragas do Eume & Caaveiro Monastery

On Wednesday, taking advantage of my in-laws visiting from Holland, we decided to spend the afternoon at the Natural Park Fragas do Eume, considered one of the best examples of the Atlantic forest in the entire European continent.

Once there, we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and walked approximately 7 kilometers to the Caaveiro Monastery, a Benedictine monastery founded in the tenth century. Once on top of the hill,  the peace and quietness you can experience, surrounded by nature and only by trees and mountains is hard to describe. It's a really magical.

To return to the parking lot where we had parked our car I have to admit that we took the bus ... we were really tired to have to walk another 7 miles back ...;-))

To end the night we went to have dinner at the "Rio Cantina Coves" a beautiful house with a carefully restored cuisine based on products from Galicia. The beautiful garden is full of small tables perfect for both quiet drinks or to have dinner on summer nights. 100% recommended.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping weekend in Cíes Islands

Last week we went to Vigo, in the south of Galicia, to catch the ferry to the Cies Islands, a wonderful place which is part of the natural park  Atlantic Islands.

There we spent a wonderful long weekend of camping, beach, walks, landscapes, sunsets, tranquility, and many, many laughs.

We really love this heavenly place, apart from the above noted, for its good climate and the great number of sunny days (yes, at night I must say that the wind blows cold)

It is the second time this summer and we probably also the last one because I do not think we can come back until next summer but I recommend anyone who has the possibility of doing it to come to this corner of Galicia. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this unspoilable island .

We will return for sure.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A special little memory of my weekend in Cíes

This beautiful paperweight I have made myself this afternoon with different stones that I picked up past weekend at a beautiful beach in the wonderful Cies Islands. I sincerely believe that it has been really cool so I'll give it to my love, as a present,  to take it to his office so that every time he sees it, he´ll remember me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

View from my terrace

Another day more without sun. 
This year I really don´t know where the summer is.
How it is imposible to do anything outside home we spent our afternoon enjoying our books, magazines and the fog covering the sea outside the window.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New haircut, new flowers & a gift

Today was a good day. Although the morning at work was really stressfull afternoon I enjoyed a relaxing session at the hairdresser and a coffee with my friend Lu. But the best was yet to come when I got home and was surprised by Vic with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift even more precious and special. I love him more than anything in the world.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Barbecue

Road Trip to Ribadeo

 Last Saturday as the weather turned to be bad and we could not go to the beach, we decided to make a short road trip to the north of Galicia, Ribadeo to be exactly. Curiously enough this time, the weather prediction was good for this area and we were very lucky indeed because there was no rain and we even had several moments of sunshine.

 We visited the "Beach of the Cathedrals" named for the appearance of the cliffs and caves that simulate the arches of a cathedral and are only visible at low tide. Wow, as well as my husband (it was it´s first time visit) and I (who had gone before) we were impressed by the greatness of the views.

 After walking for over two hours on this beach we headed to Ribadeo. It is a small seaside town that borders between Galicia and Asturias. We were both surprised by the grandeur that must have had in the past this town. Many houses are impressive but most are in very poor condition. It drew our attention one especially called "The Tower of Moreno." We spent a long time watching this beautiful building of eclectic style that was built in the early twentieth century and are now beginning to be restored because their condition is really bad.

 After lunch and a coffee in a wonderful terrace port we finally went to visit the "Lighthouse Illa Pancha". A lighthouse located on a beautiful island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The whole environment around the lighthouse was of extraordinary beauty. 

After all this we were very tired so we went home to enjoy another 2 hour drive of beautiful scenery to get home. 
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