Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New arrivals at our home

Last week I rescued from my parents' house this globe. It used to be placed in my bedroom when I was a child. I watched it carefully and sometimes at night I felt asleep wrapped up in the dim light. Now it is in my home and I hope in the future may be in the bedroom of my children and help them to dream of the same way I once did.

On Saturday afternoon, in one of our regular visits to the FNAC, we bought this edition from Taschen about the great architect Antoni Gaudí. The truth is that we had seen it in Barcelona a couple of weeks but we felt that was a little bigand heavy to bring it in our suitcase so we decided to look for in A Coruña and voilà, here it is.

The weekend finally Victor hung this beautiful picture after a couple of weeks at home. It is an original painting of Charles Bridge in Prague that we bought when were there on vacation last August. I think the choice the framework has been very good and I love the result. Every day I am more proud of our small collection of paintings by both the actual value of all parts that are original as by the number of memories enclosing each of them.

Monday, November 28, 2011

One Saturday in our lives

MACUF. We visited the fantastic exhibition of photography: Pentti SAMMALLAHTI, AU BORD DU MONDE. I loved it, I'm really  fascinated with his pictures

Spending the evening at our friends (Thijs&Kiren) 's house. Talking, laughing, singing, dancing, drinking, eating ... enjoying the little things of life in good company

 He is beautiful, inside and outside
 The couch and me ... moments of laziness: total relax
The Beatles-The-White-Album record
Tequila to end the night and continue talking, laughing, dancing ...

Would you like to dance with me?

Saturday night. 
The soundtrack of Pulp Fiction is sounding. 
Euphoria breaks out. 

 Baby, would you like to dance with me?

Unforgettable moments.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thursday is definitely the hardest day of the week. I spend many hours at work / normally  I only work in the morning / there is almost always a problem to be solved before leaving ... so, I come home late and very tired ... but my dear husband, I don´t know how he does it, he always has prepared a surprise for me. Today I found this beautiful poinsettia. I'm really excited, it's so pretty. Tomorrow I have buy a nice flowerpot.

Definitely in my house it already smells as Christmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


She's always on my mind, my sweet baby dog. The beautiful vase is a gift from my colleagues for our wedding, the candle (with a superb perfume) is a gift that Laurens & Esme gave us during his visit the last october and the turquoise blue glass jugs I bought them at Ikea a few months ago, it was love at first sight!

This beautiful Indian-inspired framework is a very special gift to me from my friends Thais & Wenn and the photo is one we took it during our trip to Prague in front of the wall of John Lennon. Books are Taschen 25th anniversary editions, all of them about design and architecture, except one, the best gift that I never recived: the book of polaroids personalized with photos and words where Vic summarized our love affair over 2010. Victor gave it me last Christmas and I still cry every time I read it. The letter "L" of wood we bought it at Barcelona a couple of weeks.

And finally this sign of "LOVE" which we have also brought from Barcelona and now looks great in our bedroom and reminds me every morning which is the engine that drives my life: only my love.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dinner at "A Cantina do Atallo"

On Saturday night we went to dinner with our good friends Vero and Suso, to “A Cantina do Atallo” a quaint little restaurant located on top of a hill in Cabañas and with amazing views of Pontedeume. The site was very pleasantly surprised us even though expectations were already high. The location in the middle of a small and quiet village provides a very mysterious atmosphere. Once inside, the decor blends traditional architecture with contemporary art objects and many small candles which makes it very cozy. We spent the night saying that it seemed we were dining in a home rather than in a restaurant. The staff was great with a friendly waitress but the best was definitely the food, just great, I can not say more.

It was a great night ... I think a lot lately how grateful I am to life for my husband and the friends so wonderful that we have.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vintage shopping from Barcelona

I'm really happy with the vintage-purchases we made during our trip to Barcelona. If yesterday I said that one of our biggest weaknesses were the books today I can say that another one is stirring in all kinds of vintage shops, second hand shops, in markets ... and the feeling you experience when you find something that you really like is the best.

This beautiful blue leather bag I bought in "LoveVintage" a cute store of clothing, shoes and accessories. There were many more things that were worth, but obviously you can not buy everything.

And with this vase I felt in love at first sight. We found it in a super cool little shop in the Raval called "Chandal" where we had gone to buy the cartridges for our Polaroid (and too for all our friends who had commissioned them to us). It was a bit dangerous to bring him back on the plane but had to take risks ... and now it looks perfect in our home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The books: an irresistible passion

You should know that books are one of our biggest weaknesses (as well as visiting bookshops and stationer´s shops) ... so it is impossible that Victor and I went somewhere without that bringing back with us any ...

This pair of books we bought in Barcelona last weekend. Both were purchased in the Bookstore Laia, a true paradise for lovers of the stationary in any form.

This is a wonderful book of photographs from the city of Barcelona, ​​streets, monuments, gardens, architecture ... the covers are awesome!

But this one has me in love ... it's so cool! I think saving it as a treasure until my children might someday use it and I don´t care to wait for it for a long time. It is a gem of creativity from fun exercises encourage children to learn the main concepts of visual art and the most famous contemporary artists.

Of course I will buy many more (all that exists) of this collection, It looks fabulous! I recommend them!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Barcelona - Day 2

Here are some photos of our second day in Barcelona. Now while I was preparing the post I was smiling and thinking about how wonderful this trip had been to both ... It was the first time that Vic visited the city and I really believe that everything is better since Vic is in my life, even the impressive Barcelona seems even more wonderful and special if I go around the streets by his hand.

 Sagrada Familia of Gaudí

 La Pedrera - Casa Milá (of Gaudí)

 Casa Batló/ Subway

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barcelona - Day 1

Here are some pictures that summarize our intense first day in Barcelona ... We walked through the Gothic Quarter, by the Born, we visited the Cathedral, Palau of the music, Mercat of Boquería, museums, vintage shops (where we bought a lot of precious things that I'll soon show), and on the afternoon we walked through the Raval, the MACBA ... so it is normal that we're still tired ... As for the restaurants, I recommend the two which we went: for lunch "Café Kafka", a place where the attention as the food is exquisite, and for dinner "Bar Lobo", the place is super cool and the food was amazing but maybe a bit crowded with local tourists, probably because, to my surprise, it appears in the guides, but good nonetheless worth a visit if only to take some "tapas".

Mercat "La Boquería" - Ramblas

Quarter Gótic

Cathedral of Barcelona


Café Kafka

Palau of Music

MACBA - Raval

Bar Lobo

 Agbar Tower

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