Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little Enzo's birthday party

Last Saturday we invited some friends at home to celebrate, again, Enzo's birthday to enjoy such a special moment for us. Wedecorated our small living room with handmade garlands and balloons and had some food for our guests. We also managed to have a live broadcast of the Barca-Madrid game, which is important particularly for the male sector... and we chatted, laughed, and enjoyed once again watching our little baby to blow, or at least he tried, his first birthday candle.

This special birthday cake was a gift from our friend L. It's inspired by an original watercolor of the illustrator Rita Sousa of CatitaIlustrations. I nearly fell out of excitement when I saw it. And I would add, it's important, that besides being the most beautiful cake I've ever seen it was really delicious.

Now I just have to say: Thank you friends, for sharing with us this special moment of joy.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I can't belive...

I can't believe that only in a few days my baby is turning ONE. One year. My baby ... I think I'm not ready for this but I´m kinda exited and can't express clearly the kind of feeling I'm experiencing. It's a mix between absolute joy to see him happy and healthy growing everyday with me and deep sadness of how quickly the days go by being his mother. I think I need to reflect on this feeling and what it means to me. One year old, I can't believe it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

True love

Every time I see these images my mummy's heart literally melts ...seing my baby give his first intentioned signs of affection  to my goddaughter who I love as my own is the most tender imaginable moment ...

I'm very proud of him and passionate about his sweet spirit towards other babies and animals ...

I think I need a bib ...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday walk by the sea

Some photos from last Sunday. We had good weather to walk on the sand by the sea. The weather has been very hot here and even though I admit that I already want to wrap myself a little bit more and feel the cool breeze on my face, it would be a crime not to enjoy with my boys this blue sky.

Have you noticed Enzo's face in this picture? Poor baby, he was gradually falling asleep. When I look at him my mother's heart melts.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He did it, he walks!

The same week that he turned 11 months he started walking without grabbing his mommy's hand (or daddy's or grandma's...) So easy, suddenly, he did it! And I can't be more proud of my little boy. My life has changed dramatically since that time because now I have to spend all day crouched from here to there ... Now I can watch him standing comfortably. (My back is still jumping for joy). Also I've noticed, for my own satisfaction, that since he walks he entertains himself much more and has begun to enjoy many hours on the playground. And I can relax even if only 5 minutes ... On the counter, as every face has its cross, we are back in full teething time so our nights are back to be the closest thing to a real nightmare! Perfection don't exist,  I know...
My boy is in love with the doll stroller. I bought this for him last week. He's happy walking with his ​​doll stroller. And the truth is that I was a little tired that he spent all afternoon stealing doll strollers  to the girls in the playground ...

Do you want to know a secret? My kid loves animals in a way so sincere and beautiful that sometimes I get emotional

Happy Wednesday and happy week friends!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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