Saturday, December 31, 2011

"San Silvestre" in A Coruña

Yesterday, just hours before the end of the year, Victor and friends participated in the race "San Silvestre" of A Coruña. It was a tour within the city of a little less than 8 kilometers. The atmosphere before the race was great with lots of people wearing  all kinds of funny costumes, warming up in the City Hall Square. Victor was having quite a cold but still managed to finish the race in a very reasonable time of 39 minutes. I, how could it be otherwise, am very proud of him.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Christmas

On Christmas Day, Vic and I, like every year we went to the house of my mother's uncle. My parents, my grandparents, my uncles, cousins were there​​... I always enjoy their  company, I'm really grateful for the family I have. Here are a few photos taken before eating, taking advantage of the wonderful sunny day.

mom and grandpa
sweet grandma

the princess of the house, for me the most beautiful baby in the world

Sweet winter sun in the morning

For me there is nothing like the sweet sunlight on a cold winter morning. This light is so magical that it makes everything wonderful.

A corner of our kitchen

He is Dutch and that means that when a ray of sunshine arrives he needs to go outside. 

The empty terrace in winter 

(leave the furniture outside covered with plastic was not a good idea, I do not know how but the water finally entered and the remedy was worse than the disease)

The road home

Winter Sunset

On Christmas day when we finally finished eating (almost at 17:30h) we decided to go for a much needed walk after dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas feast. It was terribly cold but the light was beautiful and the sunset in the forest through the trees was magical. In that forest lived my grandparents, currently my uncles, my cousin and my parents have a house there, where they spend some weekends and most of the summer. For me is the perfect place to live, near the beach, surrounded by wood and nature. So Vic and I will probably end up living there too. When I think of this a smile appears on my face.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I am sick at home

This morning I fell asleep and when I woke up (half an hour late), I was feeling horrible. I had a sore throat, bone pain, malaise. I managed to get to work, almost an hour late, and I soon returned to home because I was feeling really bad. So, I did not pass by the house of my parents to eat (I always do it on Fridays) and I came straight to home, put on my pajama and since then I've been lying on the couch. The worst thing is that tonight we had planned a dinner at our house with our neighbors and friends Bruno & Marga. Of course we had to cancel it, with all the pain in my heart. But they are so sweet that they brought this cake with the intention of pre-celebrating Christmas and wish me a speedy recovery. I am really sorry for not being able to toast this night with them. I hope at least to be recovered for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are a team

These beautiful girls are my co-workers, two of them. They are one of the many reasons I have to stand up happy every morning and get to work always with a smile. I am a lucky person for sharing so many hours of work and effort with them. They are the kind of persons that anyone would like to have by their side, always willing to help when you need it, supporting you and accompanying you in the bad times and enjoying the good and they are also excellent professionals who strive to improve every day.

We do not have an easy job. We serve a comprehensive manner to people that near the end of their lives are lonely, helpless and without support from family or friends. Accompany them in this way trying to offer the best quality of life possible. With them we laugh, we cry, we joke, we sometimes feel anger, but above all we feel admiration and deep respect for their dignity as human beings. May seem that we offer them much but certainly it´s much more what we receive of them.

It would not be able to do it without your support, we are a team, and you can't imagine how proud I am to be part of it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ohhh, my bed, lately I spend the day being tired and thinking about going to sleep and every morning I feel like if some strange force prevents me from waking up... I look forward to the weekend to sleep and sleep but in the end when I can, I always wake up very early ...

Testing the new camera. I could not choose a better model.

Our first Christmas gift. A sweet Christmas card and a book (I could not imagine anything better). The book is the third book in the tetralogy "The Cemetery of Forgotten Books" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The first book in this serie, "The Shadow of the Wind" is one of my favorite books but I have to admit that the second "The Angel's Game" I did not like it and when I finished it  I was really disappointed. All the reviews I've read suggest that in this third installment the author returns to the best of the first book so I hope excited that it does not disappoint me. I´ll let you know.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today was a foggy day, cold and wet, almost without light. All the time I had the feeling of being part of the kingdom of Winterfell. I miss "Game of Thrones". And my mind is repeated again and again "winter is coming, winter is coming ..." The waiting until April looks like an abyss. I enjoy breathing the cool air from my balcony and recreate myself in my own fantasies while I see through the glass a cup of hot tea waiting for me at the table. They're just little things, tiny but essential parts of life. I'm a dreamer, my imagination flies.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our new toy

Yesterday, taking advantage that the shops were open, despite being Sunday, we went to buy our Christmas present. We bought ourselves a new camera that can also record HD video quality. I'm excited and looking forward to the weekend to take time off and go to take some pictures. Anyway we have already been trying it at home and I have to say I'm really pleased with the results. I hope soon to have something to show here.

I'm super excited and happy. We wanted to buy a SLR camera for a long time and at last we bought.$

Bits of our Sunday

 Warm winter light in the dresser

 My new blanket of Zara Home, it's so lovely...

 Hot tea, for me green with mint, for Vic english breakfast

Our new camera

My little fishes enjoying the Christmas lights

Saturday, December 17, 2011

His name is creativity

My creative husband seems to have become Don Draper!

(I hope that it's only temporarily, I wouldn't stand being married to a guy like that)

ALEGRIA by "Cirque du Soleil"

Last Saturday we went to Santiago de Compostela to see the show "Alegría" from the "Cirque du Soleil". We enjoyed it as we were children, all of the performances ... and the more than two hours of duration seemed 5 minutes ... the decoration, music and live voice, lights, acting-role of the artists ... everything ... it moves you to a magical atmosphere, and from here I  just want to ask everyone who has the opportunity to go to see it... and of course it´s better with children... because if an adult is amazed while seeing it ... imagine how a child would feel? 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New arrivals at our home

I am extremely happy with our last shoppings!

We were a couple of weeks looking for a coffee table for our living room when suddenly we have this gem in a vintage furniture showroom-pop-up-store in A Coruña. It was love at first sight. The store owners told us they bought it in France, but it is of Scandinavian origin, from the 60's. Actually, I have to say, it was quite expensive but definitely worth it. I'd rather spend my money on vintage furniture with soul and history instead of something new and without personality.

The glass vessel is also original and was brought from France but really do not know what year it can be. I love it! With branches of holly that my lovely husband bought me it looks amazing. 

Only lights

Finally, here is our Christmas tree. Yes, I know, it´s very simple, it only has lights but we like it this way... we are not very fond of the Christmas decorations but I like to enjoy an evening with the tree lights on.

Friday, December 9, 2011

We finally have our Christmas tree

Yesterday we finally went to buy our Christmas tree. I'm always lazy when a have to go to the store and I want to go and choose it quickly but then when I'm there I can not decide what I want. Anyway yesterday was easier than usual because there was an offer to buy a tree and get coupons for the same value! we bought a 15 euros worth tree and got repaid the same amount in a gift certificate. I did not think twice. Honestly this Christmas fir is no big deal ... and a bit twisted also, but certainly when we put the lights and some ornaments in it, it will look lovely. Now it's in the terrace waiting to be decorated and to be placed in our living room ... I hope to get it done all in the afternoon.

I photographed this little snow-covered fir because I had not seen anything like this ever before. I think I read on the label that it came naturally? I don´t really know, so never mind.

Men and cauliflowers

A few days ago I asked my lovely husband to go to supermarket to do the shopping. I had prepared the list of all the products we needed. In one of the sections he could read: broccoli / cauliflower, small. My first mistake was thinking that a man would capture the idea that it was a broccoli or a cauliflower, in other words, one or the other, obviously not both. My second mistake was to think that a man would understand the definition of small, but it is clear that in his vocabulary "small" means the largest of the store. So with this small cauliflower my lovely husband arrived home, and obviously also a piece of a broccoli.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Road trip to Cacabelos

On Tuesday, taking advantage of holiday and Vic was not working, we took the car and we travelled by road nearly two hours to Cacabelos. We went to visit his grandparents and his brother, Fabian, who was there on vacation with his beautiful girlfriend Gabriela. We enjoyed his company, and although it was a short visit worthwhile. We promised that we will meet again before April, I do not know if in A Coruña or San Sebastian, but we will, I'm sure.

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