Friday, June 28, 2013


Another month with us and it's already eight. Simply amazing. Each day better, happier, more in love ... Lately everything around here has been fun and good times. Our baby is so lovely and spends the day laughing and laughing. He's also very demanding of himself and strives each day to reach his small goals with effort. I hope he keeps this tenacity all his lifetime.

Right now:

-He has begun to take his first steps by holding his hand.

-Since he has discovered how wonderful it's to walk he doesn't want anything else. This is causing predicable back injuries.

-He can stand up leaning on something. It's amazing to see him succeed.

-He's the king of the walker.  He's able to reach every corner of the house and this is starting to be a little dangerous because he's able to open drawers, closets, etc..

-He has discovered how fun it's to play with the water in the pool. I could spend hours watching him how he enjoys it.

-His favorite game is to take out his toys out of a box and then put them back inside. Sounds like fun.

-He loves music. 

-He spends the day clapping with his small hands. It's so nice to see.

-Daddy is talking to him in english, i know it may sound to soon, but i can tell you that he already trĂ­es to copy similar sounds as we speak or encourage him.  

-He sleeps good, most of the  nights. (SMILE) Otherwise at 05:00 he remembers that he has a mom and a dad and he cries because he wants to go with us to our bed (I think). Then daddy takes him and mommy can enjoy of a couple of hours of sleep hugging her baby.

He fills our days of love and fun.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend without daddy

Last weekend Vic traveled to Barcelona to attend at Sonar Festival. He was really looking forward to attending this music festival and urged me to accompany him but I really didn´t feel like going for several reasons. I went years ago and although I had a great time I felt no need to return again and especially because I find it hard to leave my baby even if it´s only for a couple of days.
So Vic went and met with a couple of very good friends who traveled from Holland. And of course they had a good time. They enjoyed the festival, the beach, cool places ... you know, Barcelona.
While, baby Enzo and I spent a calm weekend at my parents' home in the countryside. Everything would have been perfect if I hadn't had terrible allergy crisis. I was sneezing all weekend ... but still we had fun and I could relax a bit while my mother taking with Mr. E. for a walk.
PS: On Sunday my sweet husband lost his return flight back home... clearly I can´t leave my man alone to go anywhere ...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Two happy little teeth

After many bad moments we spent during his teething ... finally they are here! Two little white pearls inside the mouth of our baby. I feel very nostalgic when I think that just a few weeks ago our baby was still "turtle mouth" and now I'll never see that little toothless mouth again... it's as rewarding as hard to see how quickly your children grow.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family photo shoot

It's nice to take a photo shoot of the whole family together from time to time. 
It isn't always easy but I always love the result!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This year I just wanted to say THANK YOU. 

To my friends and my family for always being by my side in good times and in bad times. And, of course especially to my two loves in my life. My sweet husband that since he's with me he hasn't stopped giving me wonderful moments full of love. And to my baby, that from the first second of his life he has stolen my heart and fills every moment of my life of absolute happiness.
I love you all.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Apologize for my absence & ENZO 7 MONTHS !!!

First of all I´d like to apologize for my absence during this time. There was no special reason to post, just had a period of lack of inspiration ... maybe the fatigue that causes the spring ... (obviously I'm kidding). But I'm back with renewed ... and many things to show ...
Our little Enzo is already 7 months. And I wonder, where's my baby? he has grown so fast ... time literally flies. Days and weeks pass by and every day I observe something new in him ... my baby ... it's inevitably missing him during the day.
But these have been some very good months. Enzo continues to learn and experience new things. It's super exciting to watch his face as he´s discovering something new. Right now: 
- he can sit properly without support
- walks with his walker
- he has two small teeth
- he began to speak in his personal language (ta-ta, ba-ba, uy-uy)
- spends absolutely all day laughing
- he's starting to discover the pleasure of a full-night-sleep with no interruptions. (So are we)
- he can open and close the sink faucet to see how the water runs.
- he starts crawling but he's still undecided ... 
and so many other things...
I couldn't be happier
Bye friends! I wish you the best week!
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