Monday, March 5, 2012

A gift from Barcelona

Vic has just arrived from spending this weekend in Barcelona to catch-up with an old friend from The Netherlands. It was a real boy´s trip, you know, reunion with a good friend from Holland, football (Barça) and "tapas". He enjoyed it a lot and I'm glad for him, although I admit that I missed him very much and was looking forward to his return. But in his absence I also had a very, very good stay-at-home-weekend at my parents' house and constantly stuck to Koka, my sweet dog. It was a little bit weird, because since I started my relationship with Vic, a few years ago, I had not gone to sleep at my parents house until this weekend. It was a sweet reunion with my old bed! And I'm sorry Vic, but I have to admit I slept incredibly well!

This artisan soap box was one of the gifts that Vic brought me from Barcelona. They are so pretty and smell so good that I feel sorry for using them. He bought them in a small artisan-home-made-workshop and store located in Born, the old town. I loved it. Now I have to decide which I will use first!

Well, this Monday is over and that's a good sign, which means that it´s one day less for the next weekend. ;-)

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  1. Adoro los jabones naturales!!! Paul y le hemos declarado la guerra al gel de baño y ya sólo usamos pastillas de jabón natural!! Es delicioso!!
    También es delicioso volver a la cama de la infancia... *^_^* Así para de vez en cuando!


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