Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pensao A Favorita - Porto

Today I want to dedicate a post to the lovely hotel where we stayed last weekend. This is the Pensao A Favorita, in Porto. A vintage gem in the city center, located in a street full of interesting art galleries. A very minimalistic, arty yet vintage interiorism transports you to past times and is extremely relaxing and peacefull. The staff is very easy-going and  makes you feel home, from the start.

Our room was very spacious, bright and full of unique details that turned it into a cozy and one-of-kind stay. We felt so comfortable. We had part of a reading corner and a desk in the bedroom, a small room in a gallery overlooking the garden. Those high ceilings and vintage-50s-furniture really rocked! 

In our case we did not have much time to enjoy the garden and the terrace but as seen in the photos is a very nice and when the weather is good you can have breakfast or dinner in it.

I can only recommend this small boutique hotel/hostel that has just 7 rooms, to anyone who is planning to spend some days in a city so charming and culturally awake as Porto. Now you can´t miss it, it's so worth it!
Pensao A Favorita

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