Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here he is, our little big boy has already three months. He's a champion who already weighs almost 7 kilos and measures 64 cm. This means he has gained since he was born more than 4 kilograms and grown 13 cm, what do you think? I imagine that at some point the rate will drop ...

He is a happy boy who laughs all day. But he also has his 'off moments', which basically means that he'd be crying mostly. And believe me when he does, it'a hard to bear ... but this happens less frequently ...very good news for mom's nerves.

He spends the day learning new things, using his newfound hands to touch everything and putting them in his mouth. Everytime he's easier entertained, in part because he has discovered that he loves to watch television, which means that mom can occasionally be a little breather. He loves to sit and hold his little head very well in all positions. Ah! and has learned to turn around ... he's a real champion ... I could not be more proud of him ...

Keep sleeping very well although it is true that during this last week I think we've taken a step backwards in this regard ... I think mom will not sleep a whole night for quite a long time ... well, he can't be perfect in everything I guess ...eventhough he is kinda!

But without downplay each of the complications of his age (bad nights, stuffy, baby-cramps ...) I think we're doing really well and we make a good team.

Let's focus from now on keeping all our progress and slowly achieving new goals... such as changing our baby to his crib in his own room ... Will we succeed? I'll let you know!

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