Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping weekend in Cíes Islands

Last week we went to Vigo, in the south of Galicia, to catch the ferry to the Cies Islands, a wonderful place which is part of the natural park  Atlantic Islands.

There we spent a wonderful long weekend of camping, beach, walks, landscapes, sunsets, tranquility, and many, many laughs.

We really love this heavenly place, apart from the above noted, for its good climate and the great number of sunny days (yes, at night I must say that the wind blows cold)

It is the second time this summer and we probably also the last one because I do not think we can come back until next summer but I recommend anyone who has the possibility of doing it to come to this corner of Galicia. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this unspoilable island .

We will return for sure.

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