Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road Trip to Ribadeo

 Last Saturday as the weather turned to be bad and we could not go to the beach, we decided to make a short road trip to the north of Galicia, Ribadeo to be exactly. Curiously enough this time, the weather prediction was good for this area and we were very lucky indeed because there was no rain and we even had several moments of sunshine.

 We visited the "Beach of the Cathedrals" named for the appearance of the cliffs and caves that simulate the arches of a cathedral and are only visible at low tide. Wow, as well as my husband (it was it´s first time visit) and I (who had gone before) we were impressed by the greatness of the views.

 After walking for over two hours on this beach we headed to Ribadeo. It is a small seaside town that borders between Galicia and Asturias. We were both surprised by the grandeur that must have had in the past this town. Many houses are impressive but most are in very poor condition. It drew our attention one especially called "The Tower of Moreno." We spent a long time watching this beautiful building of eclectic style that was built in the early twentieth century and are now beginning to be restored because their condition is really bad.

 After lunch and a coffee in a wonderful terrace port we finally went to visit the "Lighthouse Illa Pancha". A lighthouse located on a beautiful island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The whole environment around the lighthouse was of extraordinary beauty. 

After all this we were very tired so we went home to enjoy another 2 hour drive of beautiful scenery to get home. 

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