Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fundación Luis Seoane

These are some images taken two weeks ago at Fundación Luis Seoane. We visited 2 temporary expositions who were just inaugurated: “Teorema (Interrumpido)” from Bernardí Roig y “Campo de Sombras” from sculpture artist Rui Chafes. We were lucky to enjoy a guided visit which made a hell of a difference and added a whole different perspective to the exhibition. I would recommend a visit but a guided tour is a must (especially for surrealistic sculpture fans) The Fundación will have a new director in 2012 and we are anxious to know what the new exhibitions and proposals will be. 

The outdoor pictures are outside the Fundación´s building while we enjoyed a nice autumn walk through the sea wind. Although these last few days we´ve lost the autumn feeling again thanks to ridiculous hot temperatures.  Yep. Nice chilly and wet raincoat/boot walks will still have to wait. 

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