Thursday, October 27, 2011

Memories of Praha

Here are some little things that Vic and I brought back from our last trip to Prague:

This cardboard graffiti is very special and we found it in a small library of the old part of Prague, where a young local artist exposed his work. We instantly fell in love with it ​​and now occupies a special place in our home.

This traditional Czech storybook was bought in the house where Kafka lived. I still have not read it because I hope to do in the very near future to my babies. It has some beautiful artwork and I hope have a great time with it in the future. In the store we bought too this edition of "The Metamorphosis" by Frank Kafka, of course, could not otherwise be there.

Some beautiful magnets perfect for our fridge always full of photos, drawings, tickets ...

This, of course, is the favorite memory of Vic. Is an original vintage signal numbering of the districts of Prague. We found it in a lovely little antique shop on the street Nerudova. It was there waiting for us and now it is in one of the preferred places of our living room.

And finally this cloth bag (another of our weaknesses) with an image that reminds me of the atmosphere of the city. Since we bought it we have used a lot and will continue to do, sure.

Of course we bought many more things but now it is hard to remember everything, some books of photographs of the city, some T-shirts (one of course has become a favorite of Vic to be home), many gifts for family, friends .. . ah! and a handmade cardboard with the image of one of the bridges of the city which is still in the store where we have framed it, which reminds me that I have to go pick up!

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