Thursday, September 13, 2012

34 weeks!!!

Now we´re at the final stage!

34 weeks pregnancy!!!!

Which means that we´re only missing four weeks, at most six, to have finally our little baby Enzo with us. It`s so exciting.

The time until now has literally flown. But it is true that this last stage is passing by a bit more slowly. Maybe because every day we're more and more anxious to meet our little boy, because I feel increasingly more overweight and clumsy and my clothes already don't fit, neither my shoes ... Lately my feet and ankles look like those of an elephant. Even my hands are swollen and I had to take off my engagement ring and wedding ring... and bla bla bla...

But I have to tell you that all this is just nonsense ... it's so amazing to me feeling a little life in my belly that everything else does´nt matter ... I just want to make the most of my remaining time of pregnancy and prepare well to be a good mother to Enzo.

And I´m extremely happy because I have by my side the best husband, the best friend and of course the best father in the world for this baby.

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