Sunday, September 2, 2012

Neighbouring food

At this point you probably already know that my parents have a house in the country where we spent some weekends and holidays. It's a tiny small village with only a few houses and just a few neighbours ... Well, this weekend, my cousin Carlos decided to organize a barbecue for all neighbours ... He improvised a small dining room in the garage of his parents and invited us all personally.

It was a nice party, a pleasant meeting full of laughter and children who´s parents often want to stay and live here in a house. Peacefull country for a easy living.

So something magnetic must have this place to a lot of us while dreaming of living there someday ... why would I also want to live hear someday? that´s easy: nature, long walks in the mountains, sunsets lying on the grass, the silence, the sound of birds, the beach, the family ans still close to the city...

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