Sunday, December 30, 2012


On day 21 our little man turned 2 months! Every day he is bigger and bigger and he no longer looks like the little newborn I had in my arms the day of his birth.

This second month of life of our baby has been wonderful. We have made many important advances ... Do you remember of that crybaby with a "nervous" character of which I spoke last month? Well, that baby, our baby, has become a really happy baby, calm and smiling. You can not imagine how happy I am to tell you this and the radical change that this has meant in our lives.

Currently his likes are: Bath time, again, sleeping in our bed (just a couple of hours in the morning), go out in his stroller, his vibrating masage-hammock with lights, new sounds, laugh, laugh and laugh (even on himself), interacting, speaking in his own language, putting his hands in his mouth (all the time), his new toys.

Dislikes: The pajama-time after the bath because he´s always hungry and he´s desperate to wait a couple of minutes, waking up at night wanting to eat (always a cry moment), when the pacifier falls (another cry moment), being more than 5 minutes upside down (but we are making progress), sleeping in the cradle of Grandma (and this can be a serious problem for us ...)

There are many accomplishments we have achieved during this month so I can not be more proud of my little boy.

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