Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Proud of my boys

Life is getting better every day around here. (Fingers crossed) After the first days of stress and burden we're now in a time of relative calm where every day is better than the last. I feel very comfortable with this feeling. Our little guy gets better every day and little by little we all  are getting used to our new life together ... it's so sweet and exciting. Just yesterday we were all three together, quietly, on the couch watching an episode of "Homeland" (impossible to imagine this a couple of weeks ago) ... you cannot imagine how I enjoyed every little detail, every achievement ... every day is new and gets better.
So today I want everyone to know how proud I'm of my boys, my little family ... you're a dream come true. I can’t thank you both enough for becoming the happiest person in the world ... because with each of your kisses, your hugs I'm more closer to heaven.

1 comment:

  1. They are both so cute!
    You are lucky :)


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