Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Proud of my baby

This image, a baby who wakes up in bed with their parents, is in our home, each time, less frequent. For the past several days Mr. E is sleeping suspiciously well. So well that even many days I have to wake him in the morning. (Something unthinkable a month ago).
I know that the sleeping subject are just a matter of stages and I don't know how much this will last. Probably until the start of the next teething. But I'm very proud of him and I just wanted to say.
Although sometimes, I have to admit, I miss feeling his soft breath on my chest and his small hand clutching my fingers. I guess it's the “life-law” ...

1 comment:

  1. What a perfect picture! Your baby is so so lovely... the prettiest (in Spanish territory, of course)
    I know what you're feeling. My baby boy left our bed (most of the nights...) and i miss him.... :P The other night he woke up and walked to our bed, calling "mamã" "mamã"... i could almost die in that moment :)


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