Friday, July 5, 2013

First beach day

I still remember going to the beach and just needed to get a swimsuit and a towel, maybe a book... Believe me, this has changedradically with the arrival of a baby. Nowadays a mass high-level full logistics operation is necessary to go to the beach, even just for a little while. Inflatable pool, toys, sun cream, umbrella, portable fridge, water, cookies, hats, diapers ... it's a long list.
Well, these pictures are from a couple of days agoIt was our first day at the beach as a family of three. And it was hard! So hard that when I got in my car to go home, I said I wouldn't go back to the beach this summer. And I still don´t know if I will change my mind.
I´ll probably return again some day, just for a little while. 
I love the beach, but I think it´s so much effort just for a couple of hours. And I really don't think my baby would enjoy the beach more, rather than in his lovely bee-shaped pool at his grandparents garden.

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