Saturday, July 7, 2012

Foliada at Chiringuito Los Pinares - Cabañas

Last night we had a dinner (kind of a mixture of live galician music at a beachcafé and a north-spanish-loud-and-wild-party)- foliada in the Los Pinares's Chiringuito. We truly love this place, where you can enjoy the world´s best tortilla (so they claim) AND specialists in cooking a very peculiar paella, in a unique setting at the beach, so close to the water yoy can nearly feel the ocean water below your feet. In addition, there is always a great atmosphere and the staff is always easy-going which makes you feel very relaxed and as you were having some drinks with friends at home. 

Now I think I should explain what "foliada" actually means, right? Well, this is a typical Galician party. A gathering of people for the purpose of singing and dancing to traditional live music played by instruments from Galicia: bagpipes, tambourines, drums ... enjoyable noise! Kinda reminds me of a traditional Irish party. Lot´s of drinking, wild dancing and everybody is somehow part of a very intense energy. 

The menu consisted of their specialty, "Paella Cabañesa": exquisite rice with cockles. Really good! I think you only have to look at the picture to imagine the taste.

After dinner, my friend Vero which is all a true artist, set up a little act/show with the owner of the restaurant after rehearsing it during days . It was a super fun time.!!!  I couldn't stop laughing. Both are real comedians and people with whom you couldn't never get bored. (We're really lucky to be around people like that)

The party had already started with music on the beach before dinner and continued with more music, more dancing, more singing voices, more fun and of course more shots of coffee liqueur ... not for me, of course.

I danced so much that today I'm beaten! I begin to feel more and more the little baby's  weight I carry within me ... but this isn't a reason to stop dancing, laughing and enjoying every second of my life, of our lives, on the contrary....I couldn't be more happy!

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