Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yesterday afternoon we visited the newly opened MUNCYT. The MUNCYT is the first national museum that we have in A Coruña. This is the National Museum of Science and Technology. This is a museum designed to help popularize science and improve science education for all citizens, and to preserve and give value to the heritage of science and technology.

The visit was very interesting. The museum contains over 15,000 objects including scientific instruments, technological, transport vehicles, machines, tools industriales ... from s. XV to the present. Undoubtedly one of the stars of the museum is the cab and front of a Boeing 747 Jumbo. This is the "Lope de Vega" which curiously is the plane which flew the famous painting "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso in his return to Spain from New York. So even though we are not knowledgeable about major scientific issues we enjoyed learning something new and interesting. 

But all regardless of what you find inside, the visit of the building itself is already worthwhile for fans of architecture.

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