Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The 21st was Enzo's 1 month. I know, a bit late, but I couldn't to do this on time (I`m a new mum and lately the days literally fly by here). So, right now, he's tecnically 5 weeks and this photo is from a couple of days...but what really matters is that Enzo is well and while raising a baby is not always easy, each day he continues to do something new to make us smile and laugh.

Currently his likes are: eating, eating and eating...bath time, diapering and sleeping in mom's lap.
Dislikes: Sleeping in his bassinet during the day, waiting a few seconds while heating the feeding bottle and getting dressed (not always, only when mom takes too long)

The truth is that Enzo is a real cry-baby and with a "nervous" character but it's my baby, our baby and what we love most in this world.

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  1. Sweetieeee, esta precioso y con un pijama igual al de Ritiña (pero azul) :)
    Beijos family :)*


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