Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend without daddy

Last weekend Vic traveled to Barcelona to attend at Sonar Festival. He was really looking forward to attending this music festival and urged me to accompany him but I really didn´t feel like going for several reasons. I went years ago and although I had a great time I felt no need to return again and especially because I find it hard to leave my baby even if it´s only for a couple of days.
So Vic went and met with a couple of very good friends who traveled from Holland. And of course they had a good time. They enjoyed the festival, the beach, cool places ... you know, Barcelona.
While, baby Enzo and I spent a calm weekend at my parents' home in the countryside. Everything would have been perfect if I hadn't had terrible allergy crisis. I was sneezing all weekend ... but still we had fun and I could relax a bit while my mother taking with Mr. E. for a walk.
PS: On Sunday my sweet husband lost his return flight back home... clearly I can´t leave my man alone to go anywhere ...

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