Friday, June 28, 2013


Another month with us and it's already eight. Simply amazing. Each day better, happier, more in love ... Lately everything around here has been fun and good times. Our baby is so lovely and spends the day laughing and laughing. He's also very demanding of himself and strives each day to reach his small goals with effort. I hope he keeps this tenacity all his lifetime.

Right now:

-He has begun to take his first steps by holding his hand.

-Since he has discovered how wonderful it's to walk he doesn't want anything else. This is causing predicable back injuries.

-He can stand up leaning on something. It's amazing to see him succeed.

-He's the king of the walker.  He's able to reach every corner of the house and this is starting to be a little dangerous because he's able to open drawers, closets, etc..

-He has discovered how fun it's to play with the water in the pool. I could spend hours watching him how he enjoys it.

-His favorite game is to take out his toys out of a box and then put them back inside. Sounds like fun.

-He loves music. 

-He spends the day clapping with his small hands. It's so nice to see.

-Daddy is talking to him in english, i know it may sound to soon, but i can tell you that he already trĂ­es to copy similar sounds as we speak or encourage him.  

-He sleeps good, most of the  nights. (SMILE) Otherwise at 05:00 he remembers that he has a mom and a dad and he cries because he wants to go with us to our bed (I think). Then daddy takes him and mommy can enjoy of a couple of hours of sleep hugging her baby.

He fills our days of love and fun.

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