Monday, June 3, 2013

Apologize for my absence & ENZO 7 MONTHS !!!

First of all I´d like to apologize for my absence during this time. There was no special reason to post, just had a period of lack of inspiration ... maybe the fatigue that causes the spring ... (obviously I'm kidding). But I'm back with renewed ... and many things to show ...
Our little Enzo is already 7 months. And I wonder, where's my baby? he has grown so fast ... time literally flies. Days and weeks pass by and every day I observe something new in him ... my baby ... it's inevitably missing him during the day.
But these have been some very good months. Enzo continues to learn and experience new things. It's super exciting to watch his face as he´s discovering something new. Right now: 
- he can sit properly without support
- walks with his walker
- he has two small teeth
- he began to speak in his personal language (ta-ta, ba-ba, uy-uy)
- spends absolutely all day laughing
- he's starting to discover the pleasure of a full-night-sleep with no interruptions. (So are we)
- he can open and close the sink faucet to see how the water runs.
- he starts crawling but he's still undecided ... 
and so many other things...
I couldn't be happier
Bye friends! I wish you the best week!

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