Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working on my NY`s album

My love and I love to travel. And during our travels we collect all kinds of cards, tickets, receipts, plans, maps...or any other memory of the various places we visited. Also, Vic always writes a kind of travelogue with our feelings, perceptions, opinions...of where we are. I love this about him. Then, when we get home, I reveal our photos and place them in our album with all these different paper cuts and memories. That`s my job, which I enjoy doing.

I don`t conceive saving photos only in digital format, I love to take the album with my hands and watch it again and again.

Today I`m finishing the album of our trip to New York. They were very special days for me that I will always remenber. As always it`s all thanks to him, my love, my life engine.

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