Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some pictures of our weekend

Here are some pictures of last weekend. After a great afternoon on the beach we had a special goodbye-dinner at home as Vic´s parents would leave the next day back to The Netherlands. We didnt want to spend the night cooking so we ordered at one of the restaurants at the port, a delicious take-away rice-plate with lobster! ( I admit a had a bit of a craving :D) Obviously accompanied with a good Albariño white wine. I think we gave Vic´s parents the proper goodbye the deserved, talking, laughing and untill late listening to music. And also Vic showed off by making some excellent Cuban "mojitos"!

On saturday after a frustrated attempt to hit the beach due to the clouds, we had dinner with our friends Suso and Vero at Pontedeume. There was an open-air jazz festival with bands from Paris, Madrid and London in a very small and cousy square at the old town of Pontedeume. We enjoyed the night, the temperature, being with friends, gintonics and jazz!

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