Sunday, September 11, 2011

Atardeceres no Gaiás: "La Bien Querida"

Yesterday afternoon/night we visited Santiago de Compostela. We went to the “City of Culture” (Cidade da Cultura). We never visited the place before and I must say that once you drive up the mountain and on top of it seeing those huge constructions and such open space, the feeling is surprising and unexpected at the least.  We cant really say weather we like it or not, but I tend to think that we do. There´s still so much to built and to finish, it´s like only one third of it once it´s all finished.  It´s difficult not to questionize the purpose and content of all this…I think it’s to big in dimensions and out of proportion.

The real motive of our visit, rather that visiting this controversial project, was to attend an acoustic concert of “La Bien Querida” closing the concerts of “Aterdeceres no Gaiás”, a really good initiative to listen to free open-air-summer-sunset-concerts (jazz, classic, electronic dj-sessions or even poems.)

We enjoyed the concert and the environment very much, despite the intense cold. We hope that during autumn and winter the activities at the “Cidade da Cultura” will continue and hopefully we can enjoy the environment as well.  

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