Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wine from Souto

Yesterday we celebrated “La Vendimia”, the anual-grape-picking-happening at the vineyards of my uncles to start the season of wine-making. It was Vic´s first participation and therefore very special to us. Since early in the morning my love together with my uncles, my father and my grandfather went to get the grapes from the grape vines to make the wine from Souto.  

It´s a tough job, bad for your back, but bearable if your entertained, talking and enjoying the moment like it´s a party or festive happening more than “just a labour”

And also they knew after the hard work, they all would be well compensated with a large family eating to charge up strengths. Later that day in the afternoon we had to transfer all the grapes to large wooden barrels to press the fruit and make sweet grape-juice, the very beginning of a complex wine-making-process.  We didn’t finish until late in the afternoon but we all very very satisfied about the good work done.  We enjoyed this day very much, full of (old-family) traditions, surrounded by folks from around friends and family. Today is tasting day! Bring on the grape-juice!     

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