Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day off

It was a bank holiday today in Pontedeume. (where Vic and I work) so we enjoyed of a sunny day in autumn and now I am exhausted. We spent all day long in A Coruña and did so many things and so happy about it. 

In the morning we visited the exhibition “Origins: 5 mayor milestones in human evolution”. We arrived a bit late so we had to rush to visit it and we were so impressed that we will return and dedicate more time to visit it. After that we walked to the port to see and old wooden ship called “La Pepa” which is more like a museum to honor the first Spanish constitution. 

We enjoyed our day-off by having some beers and lunch with our friends Sabela & Javi in one of our favorite tapas-bars in A Coruña: La Mantelería. Afterwards we had a coffee in one of the terraces in the Mendez Núñez gardens. Before we knew it, it was seven o´clock. 

We still had time left to pass by the library to buy a tourguide of Barcelona. (We have a weakness for travel guides) for our next “escapade” to Barcelona. And after we needed to return quickly to home because we need to work tomorrow but…it´s almost Friday! 

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