Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back from holidays

First of all I would like to apologize for leaving my blog with no update these last weeks. The reason is that Vic has had a change in his job and something like this always “destabilizes” the house routine. Anyway the change has been positive and a step ahead in his professional career and very happy for it all. Little by little we are adapting to this new situation and get back to posting on my blog.

Apart from this, last week we were on holidays (needed and well deserved). We spent a long weekend in Prague in the Czech Republic. Here are some photos of our trip. We came back totally in love with this city, without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities we have been to. 

We also had some time back home to do some home-improvement, have lots of dinners with friends, got to the movies…we had an amazing time! (we always get back more tired from our holidays than before having them).

I hope that you´ll enjoy the beauty of Prague throughout these photos and I say goodbye for know, with a promise to get back to this blogs ´normal activity.

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