Wednesday, November 23, 2011


She's always on my mind, my sweet baby dog. The beautiful vase is a gift from my colleagues for our wedding, the candle (with a superb perfume) is a gift that Laurens & Esme gave us during his visit the last october and the turquoise blue glass jugs I bought them at Ikea a few months ago, it was love at first sight!

This beautiful Indian-inspired framework is a very special gift to me from my friends Thais & Wenn and the photo is one we took it during our trip to Prague in front of the wall of John Lennon. Books are Taschen 25th anniversary editions, all of them about design and architecture, except one, the best gift that I never recived: the book of polaroids personalized with photos and words where Vic summarized our love affair over 2010. Victor gave it me last Christmas and I still cry every time I read it. The letter "L" of wood we bought it at Barcelona a couple of weeks.

And finally this sign of "LOVE" which we have also brought from Barcelona and now looks great in our bedroom and reminds me every morning which is the engine that drives my life: only my love.

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