Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New arrivals at our home

Last week I rescued from my parents' house this globe. It used to be placed in my bedroom when I was a child. I watched it carefully and sometimes at night I felt asleep wrapped up in the dim light. Now it is in my home and I hope in the future may be in the bedroom of my children and help them to dream of the same way I once did.

On Saturday afternoon, in one of our regular visits to the FNAC, we bought this edition from Taschen about the great architect Antoni Gaudí. The truth is that we had seen it in Barcelona a couple of weeks but we felt that was a little bigand heavy to bring it in our suitcase so we decided to look for in A Coruña and voilà, here it is.

The weekend finally Victor hung this beautiful picture after a couple of weeks at home. It is an original painting of Charles Bridge in Prague that we bought when were there on vacation last August. I think the choice the framework has been very good and I love the result. Every day I am more proud of our small collection of paintings by both the actual value of all parts that are original as by the number of memories enclosing each of them.

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