Friday, November 18, 2011

The books: an irresistible passion

You should know that books are one of our biggest weaknesses (as well as visiting bookshops and stationer´s shops) ... so it is impossible that Victor and I went somewhere without that bringing back with us any ...

This pair of books we bought in Barcelona last weekend. Both were purchased in the Bookstore Laia, a true paradise for lovers of the stationary in any form.

This is a wonderful book of photographs from the city of Barcelona, ​​streets, monuments, gardens, architecture ... the covers are awesome!

But this one has me in love ... it's so cool! I think saving it as a treasure until my children might someday use it and I don´t care to wait for it for a long time. It is a gem of creativity from fun exercises encourage children to learn the main concepts of visual art and the most famous contemporary artists.

Of course I will buy many more (all that exists) of this collection, It looks fabulous! I recommend them!

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