Monday, November 21, 2011

Dinner at "A Cantina do Atallo"

On Saturday night we went to dinner with our good friends Vero and Suso, to “A Cantina do Atallo” a quaint little restaurant located on top of a hill in Cabañas and with amazing views of Pontedeume. The site was very pleasantly surprised us even though expectations were already high. The location in the middle of a small and quiet village provides a very mysterious atmosphere. Once inside, the decor blends traditional architecture with contemporary art objects and many small candles which makes it very cozy. We spent the night saying that it seemed we were dining in a home rather than in a restaurant. The staff was great with a friendly waitress but the best was definitely the food, just great, I can not say more.

It was a great night ... I think a lot lately how grateful I am to life for my husband and the friends so wonderful that we have.

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