Monday, February 13, 2012

Russian Red's concert in A Coruña

Last Saturday we were fortunate to attend to the concert of Russian Red in A Coruña and what I can say about it? Only that it was pure magic. Focusing mainly on their latest album "Fuerteventura", Lourdes Hernandez, accompanied only by her drummer, Pablo Serrano, and a guitarist and ex-boyfriend, Briant Hunt, filled the auditorium with her excellent sound and the melancholia of her songs. It was full of special moments and I have to admit that on several occasions I surprised myself by looking at the stage with my mouth open. I loved it. It made it all extremely go fast, I could have spent hours listening to their sound which is so good, played live. Especially the magical and almost jazzy "twist" that all the acoustic versions of their songs have is extremely delicate, fresh and natural at the same time. 

"Fuerteventura" is definitely my album of the year ... I've heard it so many times ... and I never get tired of it. I rediscover it every time I play it. It is of great significance to me. Many memories, many moments ... so the only thing I can think of is to thank Russian Red for creating something so beautiful ...

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  1. What a great, GREAT concert... i became a fan. I agree with you was pure magic. Bisous ♥


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