Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shrove/Carnival Tuesday

Today has been a strange, yet very special day and believe me, full of heavy and extraordinary emotions. I feel so happy ...

Victor had the day off because today, Shrove Tuesday, is a holiday in many places in our area but not for me. Normally this fact, having to go to work thinking that my sweet love stays home, in bed sleeping, would have caused some bad mood ... but today was different!

I went happily to work, spent time with my friends/colleges and after my work I went to my sweet grandmother's house to eat the delicious "cocido of carnival" that she had prepared. I've been with Vic, my parents, my grandparents, my dog Koka and I had a great time.

Right now I'm quietly sitting on the couch with my handsome husband reading by my side. I know that tomorrow will be a very long and hard day, because when I finish my job tomorrow I have to attend a course of basic skills of social interviewing but despite that ... I can not stop smiling.

I hope you have enjoyed all these days of carnival!

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