Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anti-stress weekend

This past weekend we slept at my parents' house and enjoyed the first weekend of the year that seemed like summer. We took time to enjoy it with the whole family and of course the ever sweet company of our dog, Koka. I finally got some sun, I helped my father with gardening-work and I ate and ate and ate ... (hence the purpose of this week was to keep my weight).

 Sunday breakfast on the terrace

My father and I planted these seeds last week and they have grown surprisingly fast and seems like they are doing very well. They are climbing plants so when they grow a bit we will put some kind of timber that can hold.

While I'm on the hammock in the sun, Koka is always under on the shade.

Tomorrow is Wednesday but really to me is as if Friday because Thursday is a bank holiday and I don´tt work on Friday ... I can´t be happier!

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