Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Visiting friends at Illa de Arousa

Yesterday we visited our very good friends Thais,Wen, Lucia & Nes at the Illa de Arousa (The Island of Arousa). There was a meal pending all together for a long time and finally we had one last sunday. Lately Vic and I have many things to celebrate and what better way to do that among friends.

We ate one of my favorite dishes: rice with lobster. It was great, better impossible!, so if ever you have opportunity to visit the Illa de Arousa, no doubt, I recommend you go to eat at the restaurant "A Meca". For me it's a classic every summer.

After lunch, we walked and we were having coffee on a terrace in the sun ... and we talk ed about us, our dreams, current projects, future projects, about the world or about how to fix the world ... a wonderful time in good company.

What would life be without those moments? I don't want to know ... I´m so fortunate to share my life with people like them ...

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