Tuesday, April 2, 2013



This has been a very good month, maybe the best since I became a mom. I don't know what's exactly the cause but everything is better since a few weeks.The love we feel for our baby is infinite and now I feel that I would be able to do anything for the happiness of my baby. There are many sacrifices that we make for him every day but the reward is so great ... hard to put into words ...

This Month:

- He eats breakfast and dinner porridge with spoon.
- He has started eating fruit.
- Practically no longer regurgitate, which is a blessing.
- We left the night feedings but have returned to it because Enzo sleeps better with a bottle of milk at midnight.
- We have improved on the night sleeping, well ... now he only wakes up two times during the night. You could say that is an improvement?
- Enzo spends all the day laughing. He has the most beautiful smile ever.
- When he isn't laughing, most probably is that he's crying.
- Every day he's more entertaining with their toys. (Approximately 10 minutes)
- He's able to sit alone.
- He wants to touch and grab everything with his hands. And it all ends up in his mouth.
- He has been suffering pain from the teething but so far none has come.
- He lives completely in love with his dad, always with his little eyes looking at him.

He is for us the most perfect creature of the universe.

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