Tuesday, April 23, 2013


If last month I thought that this had been our best month until now, this month has been even better. Every day at your side is better than the last. You teach me so many things ... the most important of all, the endless ability to love every part of you. You're half a year old. I still can't believe it. As time has gone by so fast? It seemed like a few days ago, you're sleeping sweetly on my lap and now you just want to stand and jump and laugh every minute, every day. My baby, I love you so much. I can´t stop looking at you. You've grown so much ...

This month:

- Enzo's interest natural fruit is pretty limited. Instead he's a real lover of pharmacy's fruit porridge.
- He has started eating bread. (that great discovery)
- The problem of regurgitation continues to improve. It's almost is solved.
- We continue with our milk-bottle at midnight.
- On the night-sleeping subject... we have improved, regressed, improved back and  regressed again so I'm not sure what I ´m supposed or can say about this ... only that the first uninterrupted night's sleep is yet to come.
- In addition we have improved a lot on the subject of naps: increasingly regularly and long naps. That's my boy!
- Enzo is pure joy. His day consists of laughter, laughter and more laughter. He´s a sweetheart. His character has improved a lot.
- Now it´s possible to spend almost a whole day without hear him mourn. This really has been a big change. Suddenly he ceased to mourn. And our life has changed dramatically since then.
- He has gone from "hating" your stroller to like it and enjoying the rides within. I think the key has been an increasingly more vertical position.
- He pays attention to all things and all people. He spends all day pointing and saying "oooooh" with his toothless little mouth.
- Enzo has discovered that he loves to sing. (he´s so funny)
- Unfortunately the teething continues giving us problems. He suffers a lot of pain.
As I said last month, he´s for us the most perfect little creature in the universe.

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