Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dinner at Coruña Kyoto

Since Enzo was born, five months ago, we've only gone out to dinner twice. Life changes radically when you have a baby and a simply thing like get out of the house for dinner has become into an event that you need to plan ahead. Luckily for us, my mother is the most charming grandmother in the world and she has offered for our little baby to  sleep at her home one night from time to time. This is a breath of fresh air for us so that we can enjoy dinner with friends and a drink and perhaps, the best, a night of uninterrupted sleep late into the morning ...
We really wanted to try the new sushi place in A Coruña. It's called Coruña Kyoto, and this is their website if you want to take a look. We are big fans of Japanese food. But let me tell you that in my humble opinion this is the best sushi in town and I think the best I have ever tasted.
The place is nice in terms of decor, lots of wood, very cozy. Similar to Soho´s sushi joints in NYC. The staff was great, very friendly and the best was the food. Very good wine list. So totally recommended. Of course we will repeat as soon as we can.
It was a great night with our friends Vero & Suso. We always enjoyed their company a lot. They are a great couple, so in love ... we greatly appreciate them.
At no point in the night my baby out of my mind but I thoroughly enjoyed and I loaded of energy and good vibes. Life is beautiful, let's live it!

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