Friday, April 19, 2013

First contact with art

When you have a child it´s inevitable to imagine his future life and how you would like it to be for him.
I often imagine their profession, his way of life, his dreams, his motivation ... I just want him to be happy. That he finds a way to enjoy everything he does. But if I could choose something of his future life I would love him to be a person interested in art, music ... culture in all its expressions. A person with their feet on the ground, with interest in what happens in the world but that also a person that never stops dreaming ...
I believe that, although in the future only he, will decide how to live his life, I certainly hope that our education will provide him of eagerness, and always a positive attitude towards life. I hope that we will be a good guidance.
So my purpose is to try to convey my little boy, part of what I love in the world. Give him the opportunity to learn, discover, enjoy ... and finally he will decide.

These photos are from a couple weeks ago during a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in A Coruña. Enzo saw his first Picasso. It was a special moment. When he grows older he´d sure like to see these images. We had lots of fun! And we even had a chance to do a diaper change surrounded by brushes. I'm very proud of my little artist ... di you see how he liked to grab that brush?

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