Friday, December 9, 2011

We finally have our Christmas tree

Yesterday we finally went to buy our Christmas tree. I'm always lazy when a have to go to the store and I want to go and choose it quickly but then when I'm there I can not decide what I want. Anyway yesterday was easier than usual because there was an offer to buy a tree and get coupons for the same value! we bought a 15 euros worth tree and got repaid the same amount in a gift certificate. I did not think twice. Honestly this Christmas fir is no big deal ... and a bit twisted also, but certainly when we put the lights and some ornaments in it, it will look lovely. Now it's in the terrace waiting to be decorated and to be placed in our living room ... I hope to get it done all in the afternoon.

I photographed this little snow-covered fir because I had not seen anything like this ever before. I think I read on the label that it came naturally? I don´t really know, so never mind.

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