Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are a team

These beautiful girls are my co-workers, two of them. They are one of the many reasons I have to stand up happy every morning and get to work always with a smile. I am a lucky person for sharing so many hours of work and effort with them. They are the kind of persons that anyone would like to have by their side, always willing to help when you need it, supporting you and accompanying you in the bad times and enjoying the good and they are also excellent professionals who strive to improve every day.

We do not have an easy job. We serve a comprehensive manner to people that near the end of their lives are lonely, helpless and without support from family or friends. Accompany them in this way trying to offer the best quality of life possible. With them we laugh, we cry, we joke, we sometimes feel anger, but above all we feel admiration and deep respect for their dignity as human beings. May seem that we offer them much but certainly it´s much more what we receive of them.

It would not be able to do it without your support, we are a team, and you can't imagine how proud I am to be part of it.

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