Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas gifts

Here is one of the gifts that my lovely husband made ​​me this Christmas. "Fuerteventura" of Russian Red has been for me the album of the year and each of their songs remind me of very special and beautiful moments that I never want to forget. The vinyl and accompanying letter are for me the best gift because through them I can transport me to unique moments of this past magical year.

Only one little and insignificant problem though... We don´t have a vinyl disc player... but well, I guess somehow this gift is the push us to buy one. (for a long time we had it in mind)

We dont like to buy a lot in general. Only small things from the heart with special dedications. But...there have been more special gifts but for now I can not show them. (Or I´m not willing to)
I will, when the time comes ;-)

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