Sunday, January 29, 2012

Road trip to Mugardos

For me Sunday and sun is the best possible combination, do you agree? So this morning we got up and drove to Mugardos to enjoy a different day.

First we decided to go to the Castillo de la Palma. It was closed. Honestly I'm not surprised, it's not the first time that this happens to us. Anyway, we enjoyed the view from the entrance to the bay of Ferrol and the Castle of San Felipe, located just in front. The area, in general, is great for walking, with dirt paths by the sea. But today it was too cold for this.

Then we approached the village of Mugardos. There is a very nice promenade by the sea. Before going to lunch, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll while enjoying the midday sun.

For lunch we chose a lovely restaurant situated right on the waterfront called "La Posada del Mar". How could it be otherwise, we ate only seafood: mugardesa octopus, cuttlefish and squid. Everything was great.

So, this has been our Sunday. For me, it´s impossible to make it better. Sun, sea, rich food, peace and Vic. Is all I need to recharge the batteries for the week.

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  1. No puedo estar más agree contigo!!!! Primero porque para mí SUN+SUNDAY is the best combination aswell!!! Y segundo porque somos superfans de la Posada del Mar... Siempre pido rape con guisantes que es mi plato preferido por todos los del mundo!!! Llevamos allí a todas nuestras visitas porque nunca fallan!!!
    Super sunday plan!!!!!


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